How I Wrote My First Blog Post

I must admit, the thought of having to write a blog had me stumped. I have never written a blog or posted to a blog before, and I was unsure of what to do. So, I did what any unsure-about-something person would do, I googled: “How to Blog”.  My search produced many articles on how to blog and I am going to tell you about a few of the points that I have found most helpful.

Firstly, the articles suggested doing a Google search (bonus, I am on the right page!), and reading other websites for ideas.  If still at a loss, the article recommended asking someone for help to bounce ideas off each other to get the creative juices flowing. As I read through these articles, I realized that ‘how to write my first blog post’ would be a good topic for me.

After deciding on my topic, I began writing the rough draft.  I found that jotting my ideas down on a piece of paper first helped me to solidify my ideas and narrow down the points that I wanted to discuss. I also used a mind map to help me find the common ideas. CCI29012014_00000

One of my takeaways: You need to find your focus, be positive, inspirational and supportive to the community that you’re writing to, and just be yourself!

Also recommended were the following formatting suggestions:

  • Use short, organized paragraphs,
  • Always check grammar and spelling,
  • Use links within your post wherever possible, (this reminds me that I need to reference at least 3 sources).

For my blog platform I decided to use WordPress instead of Blogger or Tumblr.  In my opinion, WordPress seemed less user friendly than the others, but it had more and nicer themes available which allowed for better customization. It also helped that I had no trouble finding the URL I wanted on WordPress.

In the end, creating a blog post was not that difficult after all, and I found that I just had to get over my fear; like the Nike slogan, “Just Do It!”, take a risk, and get out of my comfort zone. Just start writing.

The task that seemed daunting, was really not much of an issue when all was said and done. Finally, I hope this blog post was informative and helpful for someone else writing their very first blog post.


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4 Responses to How I Wrote My First Blog Post

  1. Maria says:

    Hi Jill!

    Looks like a great blog!

  2. Hi Gillian,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. I went through the exact same process when we were told to write our first blog post in mrkt 3311. I had also never written a blog before, so I spent the first class searching up articles on how to write a blog post. I wish I was able to read your blog post because you have summarized it really well. Your post is short and right to the point and would have saved me the two hours I spent reading random articles on the topic. That is what a blogging is in a way, providing the reader with useful information in a small post. I think you have nailed it!
    Sandy Gill

  3. My sentiments exactly! My first blog post was such a hurdle. Where do I start? What do I do? But it’s amazing how much I’ve begun to enjoy it. Unlike academic or business writing, you really can just be yourself: use your own voice, share your own opinion, and do whatever kind of research you want. It’s great!

    A useful tool I’ve found is to start out with an interesting video clip from YouTube and blog from that. Video is such a rich form of media, and it’s a very “inspirational” source for blogging stimulation.

    Oh, and by the way…I enjoy your writing style – it makes for easy reading! Keep it up Gillian!

  4. katiejesica says:

    hey Gillian,
    I definitely with others that have posted, this is a great way to help people start writing blogs…..if only I had discovered this sooner.

    there are also a few other tips I have learned throughout my short time blogging that I think might be helpful.
    The first is to not try and be all fancy by using ‘big words’ You don’t want your audience to have to look up definitions of every other word you type. And if you do use a ‘big word’ make sure to explain it. You don’t want your audience to become frustrated and uninterested in what is probably a very useful bog post.
    The second is visuals, having a bunch of words on a page can be automatically uninteresting and even intimidating for some people. Throwing in a visual can make the bog less intimidating and even help intrigue people to read.
    And finally one last technique to get people to read and comment on your blog is to end off with an open ended question. the more people that comment the more well known your blog becomes.

    And just to help backup what I am saying here are a couple other websites that useful tips both similar and different from what was just mentioned

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