Reactive Social Media Marketing – Arby’s the latest to score a “Viral” hit.

My latest post on Storify.

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  1. mike0504 says:

    Hi Gillian:

    Thanks for sharing your post.

    After reading it, if I may, I like to share some thoughts.
    Like you said, it is important to be creative on the fly, especially in real-time marketing. It also raises a few other questions at the same time for companies who participate in real-time marketing (RTM).

    Does maximum exposure with real time marketing really benefit companies? Further, how do companies measure the effectiveness of real time marketing? And how do companies going to profit from it?

    It’s like having a great domain name in the early 2000 before the dot com fail. The other day Basil talked about how people only care about traffic and domain name but fail to realize how they can benefit for the heavy traffic. (Further reading on

    On the other hand, an article from Meshable indicates that current real-time marketing is heading off to the wrong direction (
    Further, as we progress into 2014, content marketing should be heavily focused (

    None the less, it is still important to use RTM to stay engaged with your audience. Further, stay connected with the popular trend. However, RTM shall be used wisely and effectively instead of just creating a tweet buzz. Have content strategy to back up the “buzz” companies created ( And maybe, just maybe, your RTM will be financial beneficial to the companies.

    Mike Li MRKT 3311

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