Yelp Me Find A Restaurant

My second post of the day… squeaking it in before midnight.  Yelp me find a restaurant.

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2 Responses to Yelp Me Find A Restaurant

  1. mike0504 says:

    Yelp, another app that make full use of crowd sourcing.
    If you like eating out, that you will like Yelp. Finding where to eat is no longer a problem. Yelp can find you the local eatery around you in just few tabs and guarantee restaurant food quality with positive review from others.
    And just like other crowd sourcing app or website, quality control is always a concern. Just like you can find everything you need to know about the world on Wikipedia. But it’s not necessary true or fact for what’s on Wikipedia.
    And not just Yelp or Wikipedia, internet in general are fill with comments or voices that’s not telling the truth, or at least, not the whole truth. Sorting through information and find the unbiased information become the key and this is where online influencer comes in.
    It would be different if Google +, Facebook or Twitter take over Yelp and integrate them together. This way, if you find a restaurant recommend by people you know (or people from your circle from Google +), this will greatly increase Yelp’s creditability.

  2. jchen0921 says:

    Hi, great post. I’ve found myself using yelp to search for restaurants I definitely understand the value Yelp has and why restaurant owners should be managing their Yelp pages. Even though customers are able to post review on a business’s Yelp page there are still a lot of information the restaurant has control over. However, competitor such as UrbanSpoon offers identical services with better mobile App it will be difficult for Yelp to differentiate itself. Personally, I uses Urbanspoon more than I do Yelp when I’m actually looking for something to eat. But when it comes to browsing in general I look at both sites because some restaurant only have pages on a certain website.

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